Introduction: Bam Bam and Pebbles

Let me introduce to you… My loves, my two little devils – BamBam and Pebbles, one year old British Shorthairs ❤️

Last year, the boyfriend and myself, we decided on bringing some cats in our lives and home as we both love animals and we wanted more action in our after-work routine. As mentioned before, we are both working at least 8h a day, so we definitely wanted two.

We got them from a great breeder here in Brunswick. They are siblings, a girl and a boy, named after the kids of the Flintstones and the Rubbles – some great memories of our childhood conserved in these names. Even though they are siblings, they could not be more different in their characters and their routines.

Pebbles is the tough girl. When she first came to her new home, she got out of the box withing a second and began exploring the surroundings. And she has not stopped exploring since that moment. She is curious and pretty outgoing when it comes to new people. Additionally, she has started retrieving bottle lids as a game. You can definitely say that she is the clever one.

BamBam is our chaotic, clumsy boy. He was very small, when he got here (compared to his 6,7kg now 😉 ) and he was and is cautious. One step after the other, always behind his older sister. On the other hand, he is not as self-sufficient as Pebbles is. Cuddling time with mom is his favorite activity. He is focused on me and kind of afraid of his “dad”, as he is too tall and his voice is too deep for him.

Even though or maybe even because they are so different, they love each other like crazy. Cuddling, sleeping, playing together. It is such a joy to watch them act together. No human-cuddle-session could replace their kitty intimacy.

I could not live without them anymore. I hope you like the pictures – you will definitely see more in the future.