Cozy times ahead …

Just a short update this week. It is getting crazy busy around Christmas time every year. Once I get home, I sit down on the couch and voila, I am sleeping again. Within 10 minutes. It is always great to get out of this cozy routine once in a while. And what is better than CHRISTMAS MARKETS? Well, in my “language” christmas market translates to “mulled wine market”, as this is my favorite thing to do there – no judgement please πŸ˜‰

In the following, just a few pictures of our beautiful market in Brunswick. It is lovely with all these old buildings and lights surrounding it. If you have the chance and are in the region, check it out.


I did not have the time to decorate our apartment as much as I would like to… as I said, crazy busy! But candles (and stars) make me happy, so that’s it for now… Also seen on the picture is our new Poladarium for the year 2014. It is our first one and I love it already. Excited to see a new picture every day!


Last but not least, my tip for the following cold days: Cuddle up in some blankets and with the loved ones next to you. My role models: my kitties… MEOW!




4 thoughts on “Cozy times ahead …

    • You really should! We are on vacation in January, but February looks good so far!
      By the way, I’m in Cologne on Saturday… Maybe I could visit you on Sunday on the way back home… for 1-2 hours? Are you at home? xx

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