Burger Love

Guys, for all of those who know me well – I love food. As I have lived in California for some time, I also know my burgers. I mean: In-N-Out, Animal style. No questions asked. Simply Perfect. The day gets better once you see it on your plate. (I am not overly excited, I just love burgers.)


As there was no real “American” burger restaurant here in Brunswick, I was excited to see “Brunswick Burgers” on one of our Sunday strolls. It was not open during that stroll, so we decided to go on a burger date with some of our friends. It is not only a burger place, but also a sports bar – perfect for soccer and football evenings (if you know me Β² – I’m not really into soccer, I prefer basketball… but, unfortunately, it is not that common in German television).

We went there on the second day after their opening day. We expected it to be a bit chaotic, as it was only open two days and pretty small, yet packed with people. We ordered our burgers as a menu (with fries, soft drink and cole slaw) and then we waited… quite a bit. I do not really want to get into that topic, as they were really sweet about the waiting time (they were missing one cook, it was their second day, etc…). We got free cookies and Red Bull, all good.

About the food: American style burgers. And hand-cut fries. Yummy and hand-made with love. I can definitely recommend the “Lions” burger. And the cole slaw. Also handmade and sooooo good. Walnuts and cranberries – I definitely need that recipe!!!! The guys had some Bacon&Cheese burgers and they were also very satisfied. At least they looked satisfied to me πŸ˜‰

Result: If you are waiting 2-3 more weeks, it will be awesome. You can also reserve a table online and get a burger to go. Please like them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrunswickBurgers. The price-value ratio is also perfect. We paid 10€ each for the whole menu.

If you are looking for American style burgers in the Brunswick region, check it out!



2 thoughts on “Burger Love

  1. I like your blog and your writing style. For those that know you can clearly see that you are depicted in every corner of this blog. Keep going and continue entertaining your readers!!!! Very well done!!!!

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