BlingBling Halloween

IMG_7706     IMG_7732

Halloween. Usually a day with a lot of spooky figures, trick & treating and some great costume partys! But this year was going to be different… As a colleague of mine, Lisa Fegg, started her own business as a stylist for Stella&Dot, I wanted to host a special Halloween “BlingBling” Party for my girls here in Brunswick.

Stella& Dot is an American jewelry company, which recently, and luckily for us, entered the German market. Their pieces are pretty and something extraordinary compared to the typical Zara and H&M statement pieces that everybody owns. The quality is very high and some of the pieces are very versatile (buy one necklace – get 5 different styles).

IMG_7709     IMG_7737

As I said, it started out as a Halloween party, so of course some decoration was set up – pumpkins, spiders, ghosts. Nothing out of the ordinary this year, as we wanted to focus on the jewelry.

At around 7 pm, the girls arrived and we started to cheer with wine and bubbly – perfect for girl’s nights. No fancy cocktails this time, but I had prepared my pumpkin soup. The night started with a short introduction to Stella&Dot and then it was time to take a look, try on some pieces and get inspired by the beautiful necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Some impressions of our night in the following … Look at that last necklace, one of my favorites!

The girls liked the jewelry a lot and as you can see from the pictures below, we had a lot of fun trying out different pieces and giving recommendations to each other. “Noooo, this is totally you, glitter, bling bling – you have it all” – “But I’m more the rose-gold type of girl” …

 IMG_7755  IMG_7757

I can definitely recommend trunk shows for a get-together with your favorite girls. It’s a girls night. With BlingBling. What more can you ask for?

Lisa, thanks again for introducing us to Stella & Dot. Please go and check out Lisa’s stylist page – and book a trunk show with her: or




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