Inspiring Saturday

Last weekend was a good one. Spending time at home with friends and family became more important since we have moved to Brunswick 2 years ago. It is only 350 km (220 miles) from my home town, but as work life = real life, we usually only go home once in 2-3 months. So every time I go, I appreciate it more and more!


Pugs. Bags. How perfect can it get?

By chance and luckily for me, a creative DIY flea market also took place during my visit. This is pretty special and big for my home town, so quite a few people were expected. The event was sponsored by a famous German DIY platform – DaWanda (comparable to the international platform Etsy) and took place at the convention center. There are also further flea markets planned, you can take a look where and when they take place here: Kreativmärkte . These dates are only for the Eastern part of Germany, but there are many other similar DIY flea markets around…


Of course, I also had to buy something. As I am a big lover of new prints for my home, I ended up at the booth of Yvonne Miller. At first, i stopped there because of the cat prints (as you are going to continue reading my blog, you will see that I am a HUGE and CRAZY cat lover!), but I ended up buying a print, that reminded me of my time in the States. New York and Balloons. Unfortunately, I have only limited space available, but if you are interested in her (and her husband’s) work, she has many great prints and collages that are waiting for YOUR home.


New York. Balloons. Love.

Wisdom of the day:

Get off your couch (or lazy asses 😉 ) on the weekends and explore flea markets and DIY events in your region. You will never regret it.

xx, Vivi


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