La Vividora? VIVIdora!

Wondering about the blog name? Well, there was definitely some brainstorming involved concerning the search for the perfect name. Something optimistic, something nice, something connected to my name, my thoughts and the blog content.

La Vividora

= Spanish for “Connoisseur” or “Bon vivant” (funny that there is no “real” English translation for it!). Definitely me!

= Not only does it describe my way of getting around life, but it also has my name enclosed. Definitely me!

= Connected to the future contents of the blog. KitchenDiary. MeowStories. PlacesAndSpaces. HappyMoments. Definitely me!

The next question … why English? My mother tongue is German, so why bother and make everything more complicated than it is by writing in English? The simple reason: I love English, I have lived in the States for quite a while and as I am not using it in “real life” as often as I would like to, I am choosing English as the main blog language. From time to time you may see some German words or expressions that are simply untranslatable – or too funny.

Say hello to my blog, hello to my crazy self. I’m looking forward to this stage of my life.




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